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What is lizamari?

The founder of lizamari, Liza Timmers, enjoys the outdoors, hiking and camping with her family, and teaching her kids to be environmentally responsible and helping others. 

Our Purpose & Mission

Support artisans and non-profit organizations. For every item sold, a portion of the sale goes towards a non-profit organization that is making a difference in the world. The non-profits that we choose are rated high on charity watch organizations for being fiscally responsible. We support artisans by purchasing their product for resale.

By purchasing from a small business you are not only supporting the dream of the founder, but the dream of the artisans and the non-profit organizations.

Our Core Values

1. Grow as a Community.
2. Help others.
3. Live life with Meaning.
4. Transparency.


What are the non-profits that lizamari supports?

Direct Relief, Friends of the Earth, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the Amazon Conservation Association

How much of every sale goes to a non-profit organization? 

20%. The rest goes to shipping, advertising, our website, paying people to work for us, etc. We are not a non-profit organization. We are for-profit. We want to make a living, but we also want to do it with a purpose.

How long will my order take?

We ship all orders USPS First Class. Most orders will take 3-5 days. Apparel orders are print on demand and take an additional 2-3 days.

Where is the jewelry made?

Some pieces are made in the USA. Others are made in China or France. Sterling silver and gold jewelry undergo an acid test to determine purity and authenticity.